White Goose Down Bed Pillow – Pillows 50% Down, 100% Cotton Cover, Soft Support, Stomach and Back Sleepers

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Product Description

Pillowtex down & feather pillows are a great addition to your sleep routine. These pillows come in a variety of sizes so you can find the one the best fits your needs! The blend of each pillow affects the pillows' characteristics; feathers provide support, while down provides softness. For a firmer pillow, select a pillow with a higher feather content. For a softer pillow, select a pillow with more down content. White Goose pillows are going to provide more loft than White Duck or Waterfowl pillows. With the variety of pillows available, we can help you find the one that works best for you!

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Protect Your Investment with Pillow Protectors!

You've found the perfect pillows. Great! Now protect your investment with a pillow protector. Whether you're looking for something that's good for your skin, will keep you from getting poked by the down & feather pieces, or will protect against water, a pillow protect will enhance your pillow and sleeping experience. The Bamboo pillow covers are designed to touch your skin and help improve the appearance of your skin. The Down- & Feather-Proof Pillow Protector is designed to keep the sharps ends of the feather and down from poking you while you sleep. The waterproof cover will help keep your pillow safe from water (or sweat or drool). The Cooling Pillow Protector will help keep your pillow cool while you sleep!


Down- & Feather-Proof Pillow Protector


Waterproof Pillow Protector


Cooling Gel Pillow Protector


Cooling Bamboo Pillow Protector