VERCART Huge Living Stones Pillows Big Rock Pillows New Pebble Pillows PRE-Filled with Mixed Sizes 6Pcs/Set Dark Grey Mix Color

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Size: 6Pcs Mixed sizes  |  Color: Dark Grey Mix

Are They Stones? No, They Are Soft Pillows Which Were Designed And Shaped To Resemble Stones.
These Vivid Pillows Can Be Used As Properties Props In Photostudio, You Can Also Use Them As Floor Cushions.
Throw Pillows, Couch Pillows, Wedge Pillows, Sofa Pillows To Decorate Your Home,Garden And Kindergarten.
Spoof Toys In Party, Soft Chairs When Outgoing, Picnic And Barbecue, Kids' Toys, Plush Toys And Lots Other Purpose.
The Fabric Of The Pillows Is Environmental. It Has Been Proved To Be Safe For People'S Health Even For Babies.
Think How Cool It Would Be When Children See Them In Your Home, In Your Garden Or Child-Centers.