OrganicTextiles Premium Low Profile Low Loft Latex Pillow (Soft, Standard Size) with GOTS Certified Premium Organic Cotton Cover Protector, Bed Pillow for Sleeping, No Memory Foam and Toxic Free

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Size: Soft

These are specially made for those who prefer low pillow height. Purest and all natural latex pillow available in the market. These pillows do not contain any synthetic latex or other synthetic materials (This is important to consider when you compare with any other competitor products) - All natural pillows gives you clean environment, free from any chemicals or off-gassing - GOOD FOR YOU and YOUR FAMILY HEALTH. They have SOFT and in use compress due to lower density making them lower loft.. These pillows are guaranteed to maintain shape and size for over 10 years. A great investment compared to the lower priced pillows which lose their thickness after few months. Covered with clean all organic covering gives comfort of organic purity and softness which lasts over life of the pillow. These zippered organic covers are also washable allowing you to have clean pillows.