Mastertex Cooling Bed Pillows 100% Cotton Top, Down Alternative Fiber Fill, Hypoallergenic and Breathable Pillow for Sleeping (Queen Size 2-Pack - Vacuum Packed)

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Size: Queen 2Pack - VP

Finding a comfortable sleeping position is hard enough, but sleeping without pain or constantly waking to reposition is even harder unless you find the right pillow for support.
A lot of attention is paid to the type of mattress we buy, but fewer consumers are selective when purchasing pillows. Instead of considering down alternative pillows, they pick up the first low-cost pillow they find and then blame their mattress when they wake up sore or stiff.
Down alternative pillow are considered as a necessity to any type of bed, because of the additional comfort and relaxation that they can provide to one's sleeping space.
This down alternative pillow is designed to enhance comfort at night and improve sleep quality.

This pillow comes with amazing features, which includes:

Top Fabric - 100% Cotton 300 Thread Count
Allergy Safe
Ultra Soft, down-like, Microfiber filling
1.5" Gusset - for maximum loft
Finished with satin piping
The perfect balance between firm and squishy

This down alternative pillow is a far better choice while still giving you all the qualities you look for in a