LilySilk Silk Sleep Pillow Insert Filled by 100% Silk with Pure Silk Shell Soft 1 pc Standard 20x26 Inches

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Product Description

The silk-filled pillows sold at Lilysilk are only filled with silk floss made from the best quality long stranded silk to ensure fluffiness, volume and of course, heat insulation. Our pillows are suitable regardless of weather and temperature, providing you with great comfort and health benefits, keeping you sound asleep at night and fully rejuvenated in the morning.

Silk Filled Pillow with Silk Shell

silk filled pillow

Silk Pillow Features:

Cover Fabric: 100% 19 momme real long strand mulberry silk.

Filling: 100% real long strand silk floss.

Side Zipper: Small zipper on the side of the pillow for silk floss filling authenticity inspection.

Shell Colors Available: Ivory.

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