Crown Goose Original Premium Hotel Collection 100% European Goose Down Hand Filled Pillow - Standard with 875Fill Power - 660G

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Luxury Goose Pillow Down Duvet

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How important is uninterrupted sleep? Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Having the right pillow ensures comfortable sleep. A Crown Goose Pillow is a long term investment. We ONLY use FEBLUX certified Polish goose down with hand filled with 875 fill power. We are committed to provide the best pillows for your comfortable sleep. At Crown Goose, we craft your sleep with the finest goose down and fabrics to make your sleep extraordinary. With pride and care, we present our Premium Goose Down Pillow.

Luxury Goose Pillow Down Duvet pack

The most luxurious pillow on the planet. Crown Goose pillows are meticulously crafted and filled by hand. Pillows are packaged with its own special cases for easy storage. The premium packaging with its logo makes it great for gifts.

Luxury Goose Pillow Down Duvet

Three chamber construction with an inner layer of feathers for added support surrounded by two chambers with fluffy down. We recommend SOFT PILLOW for stomach sleepers (200 oz-560g,20X28), MEDIUM PILLOW for back sleepers (240 oz- 660g,20X28) and FIRM PILLOW for side sleepers (270 oz-760G,20X28).

Tip: Fluffing your pillows maintain its shape and to regain its loft. Please Do Not Wash. Dry Clean Only!

Goose Down Pillow

Have you seen what’s inside your pillow? You can see and feel what’s inside your own pillow. You receive a sample of goose down pillow insert.

Crown Goose Down pillow protectors are made from 100% down proof cotton and TC of 1000.

White Pillow Cases

Add a touch of modern design to your bedroom with the Crown Goose Hotel Collection with its finest pillowcases(Sold Separately), Cotton Sateen 100% 1000TC for premium looking and silky feelings to make every night sleep a wonderful experience.

  • Sopor (White - image displayed above)
  • Cordon Navy
  • Cordon Gray

goose down pillow

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