Beautiful Ethnic Textile Decorative Pillow Case Cushion Cover 15” x 15”

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Beautiful Hand-Woven in Cicim Technique "embroidered " on top Tribal Patterned Cushion Cover from Cappadocia.

We make these cushion covers out of antique and vintage Kilims, Cicims, and Soumak techniques in our family warehouse in Cappadocia; in order to support our small families, relatives and neighbors.

We appreciate your excellent business and support and would like to thank you to be part of this unique opportunity. We hope you will like them as we value antique rugs and textiles.

We get so many antique textiles throughout years from other families and collectors from Cappadocia Region, that we can not repair. We had to set up our own Cushion Cover Workshop with our family and relatives for turning them into these beautiful work of art.

Zip and clean backing cloth were sewn to these cushion covers in our workshop by our master repairman and women.

We guarantee your satisfaction and will combine your shipping. They are from our families to yours!