100% Organic Cotton Filled Pillow (Standard Size, Heavy Fill) with 100% Organic Cotton Cover, Zippered Adjustable Pillow for Desired Height, Breathable and Cooling, Eco-Friendly

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Product Description

Organic Textiles is a Southern California based company dedicated to natural and organic textiles and foam based products. Many of our products are used in home & bedding, such as pillows, bed sheets, baby mattress pads, comforters, duvet covers, mattress pads, latex pads, velour bath robes, towels etc. These products are natural and/or organic for healthy lifestyles and to care for the environment/communities. We are pioneers in developing several healthy products such as eliminating dry cleaning solvents in wool comforters, organic cotton pads, pillows and mattress toppers that are free from polyester and similar petroleum based fibers. We here at OrganicTextiles care for our consumers health, our customers should be able to get better sleep without putting themselves or family's health at risk. Through organics you are provided with superior premium sleep comfort and many long term health benefits for a healthier, better life. While organics are still evolving, our journey continues to convert more of traditional products into organics and naturals, your support is greatly appreciated.



The All Organic Cotton Pillow is great for those who are looking for organic natural products and better Head Comfort. It's a very Luxurious-Premium pillow made with high quality natural materials. This pillow is Heavily Filled inside for a maximum thicker fluff feel!!! Durable and easy Washable removable Zipper Cover included. Because we use top organic certified cotton, this creates a stronger cotton compared to conventional cotton pillows and a pillow that is safe from any unsafe toxic chemicals so you can sleep/breath-in purely at night or day (night owls).